Portfolio of work

Now more than ever, organizations such as the CAMH Foundation have the opportunity to stand out, communicate and make change through storytelling. As a professional writer, designer and communicator, I have more than 15 years of experience tackling a wide variety of complex subjects - and presenting compelling, cohesive content in a range of formats. Please have a look at some of my latest work:

Annual report

Ovarian Cancer Canada's annual report highlights the perspectives of thought leaders and community champions from across the country. I gave the  format a refresh, highlighting the key achievements of the organization.


At a recent conference held by the International Play Association, the President of Earth Day Canada gave a presentation on the adventure play movement in Canada - these are her slides.

feature story

I wrote an article on mental health for Canada's leading lifestyle publication - Chatelaine. It features an interview with a CAMH psychologist and offers constructive ways of protecting mental health while engaged in social media.

funding proposal

My work at Earth Day Canada includes formulating proposals for corporate sponsorships and funding. Please note that classified information has been removed from this document.


For World Ovarian Cancer Day, advocates went to Ottawa to ask for federal research funding to help overcome the disease. I created an infographic with calls to action communicating how to get involved, and why the funding is needed.


Down to Earth is Earth Day Canada’s official newsletter, featuring the latest news about the organization's education, action and recognition programs. I redesigned the newsletter in September, 2017.